The term “tying the knot” comes from the traditional Celtic Handfastings where the celebrant or Priest and Priestess tie cords or ribbons around the hands of the couple getting married so they are joined forever. It is a beautiful and symbolic act which is replicated in the wedding services of many religions.


The four elements:- Earth, Air, Water and Fire,  are referred to during the ceremony so it is often done in an outdoors setting and at a spiritual time of day e.g. sunrise or sunset.

At the end of the handfasting the couple are invited to ‘Jump the Broomstick’.  By both jumping over a besom they are symbolically jumping into a new future together.

 I can deliver full Celtic Handfastings with a traditionally robed Priestess, at a ‘natural’ location or you can simply choose the parts you like the most and I will incorporate them into your personalised ceremony.



Many couples like the idea of a Handfasting because it is a ceremony which celebrates the beauty of nature and their individual values and beliefs even if they do not identify themselves as Pagan.

I personally write the vows for your Handfasting so that the ceremony will be symbolic of all that you hold dear. There are many ways to involve your loved ones during the service so it can be a big family affair, or, it can be an intimate ceremony for those who only want to share their special day with the natural world around them.

My Handfasting service includes;

  • A free no obligation consultation
  • Unlimited communication with Bride and Groom.
  • A unique personalised Ceremony, including all or some of the traditions of a Celtic Handfasting.
  • Setting up the Sacred Space in advance of the ceremony
  • Incense 
  • Guidance for making/purchasing your personalised handfasting cords
  • The use of A Celtic Loving Cup for the toast following your vows
  • Use of a Decorated Besom (broomstick) – for ‘jumping the broom’
  • A Celtic style commemorative certificate.

If you’d like to discover more about Handfasting please



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