Pilot Scheme



‘Combined Wedding Ceremonies’ pilot scheme

Staffordshire County Council Registration Service

working in partnership with Celebrants


Staffordshire County Council (SCC), working in partnership with Civil Ceremonies Ltd, has launched a new initiative for couples marrying in the county. You now have the option to hold a ‘Combined Wedding Ceremony’ under a new pilot scheme. This means you can have your legal formalities within a Celebrant-led ceremony, at the same location and time.

You will NOT have to go to the register office at a different time or date to do the legal formalities.

The scheme has many advantages for you:

  • There is no need to go to the Register Office at a different time or day to conduct your legal formalities it will all be done at the same venue, on the same day.
  • The legal and Celebrant parts of the ceremony will be seamless.
  • All your guests can witness the legal union as well as the content of the Celebrant-led ceremony.
  • There is scope for different parts of the ceremony to be held in different locations within a venue, such as outside areas.
  • You will know for sure what day to celebrate your anniversary!

Feedback from couples taking part in the scheme will be very important so, if you go ahead and book a Combined Wedding Ceremony, we will ask you to complete a short online survey once ceremony has been held.

Anne Barber, Managing Director of Civil Ceremonies Ltd is coordinating the scheme and can be contacted on 01480 276080 or anne@civilceremonies.co.uk.

!! Important legal information about holding a ‘Combined Wedding Ceremony’ !!

 Julia will make sure that you are aware of the actions you must take to ensure that your marriage complies with all legal requirements and help you with the process, but as a Celebrant Julia cannot legally marry you. 

What to do next…

If you know you would like Julia to conduct your wedding ceremony, confirm her availability by contacting her.

You will need to check if the Staffordshire County Council approved wedding venue  of your choice is available on your chosen date and time.

Arrange the legal ceremony independently or whilst with Julia by calling 0300 111 8001 and speaking to the Staffordshire Registration Service to book the time and date that you would like for your ceremony.

Once these three things are coordinated and confirmed you will need to;

Give Notice of Marriage
Before you can get married, both you are legally required to attend an appointment to give notice in person at your local Register Office. Giving notice is a formal declaration of your intention to marry and this needs to be done in the area that you live.  If you don’t reside within SCC you can still take part in the ‘Combined Wedding Ceremony’ but you must give notice locally after you’ve booked your chosen date and time with Staffordshire Registration Service as above.

At your appointment, the Registrar will see you separately and ask you a series of questions about yourself and each other to ensure that you are free and it is legal for you to marry. You will both need to provide basic personal details such as your names, age, marital status, address, occupation, nationality and the intended venue for your ceremony. You will then sign the notice document detailing the information you have provided.

If you live in Staffordshire (not Stoke on Trent) you can book an appointment to give notice online on the ‘Getting Married in Staffordshire’ website on this link: https://www.staffordshirewedding.info/the-ceremony/giving-notice/

If you have any questions about this scheme or would like more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me through my Contact Me page.

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