When you think about your funeral do you see a ceremony which reflects your personality?

Would you like to choose everything from the music played, the stories to be told and what mourners should wear?  You don’t need to be facing the end of your life to prepare and state your wishes for your last farewell’.

Planning Your Own Funeral

The thing I hear most often in my work is “I wish we knew what Dad/Mum/Nan wanted.” Don’t give your loved ones another thing to worry about at the time of your death.  Planning your funeral is not a maudlin thing to do, it can be quite therapeutic to sit with me and reflect on your life, your achievements and what you’d like your legacy to be.


I can write a service for you to keep with your personal affects which can be used after your death, by whoever delivers your funeral.  Or if you are facing the end of your life I can plan and deliver your funeral at your request. 

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