It’s your big day, so do it your way!

Don’t be restricted by the rules and regulations enforced by traditional religious or registrar delivered weddings.  With an civil celebrant you are free to choose;

Your venue:–

How about saying your vows on a beach, in a park, at a race track, on a farm or even in the comfort of your own home?

Your time:–

Imagine a candle lit midnight ceremony or a sealing your marriage with a kiss as the sun rises?

Your words and music:–

There are no rules as to what you can or cannot say, if you want a prayer to be said or a hymn to be sung that’s great, if you want the words of your favourite song to be read and a cultural anthem to be sung that’s great too.

Rings Vows

It really is up to you!

Unfortunately, at present, to make your marriage legal in England, you have to attend your local registry office for an interview and to make legal declarations.

Butthis doesn’t have to be your wedding day

  • you don’t have to wear anything special

  • you don’t have to invite family and friends

  • you don’t even have to exchange rings.

For you, your family and your friends, your wedding day will be the one that is created to be as unique as you are as a couple.  If you wish, nobody even needs to know that the wedding day is not your legal marriage!

But…from the 1st of January 2018 I’m pleased to announce I will be working in combination with Staffordshire County Council on a pilot scheme to offer couples all the benefits of choosing me to do their ceremony whilst also incorporating the legal registrar part. 

Everything will be done on the same day during the same ceremony!


Something a bit different…

I have been asked about the possibility of a theme wedding.

This is a great idea as the whole day can be themed in accordance with your personal taste/hobbies/beliefs.  It does not make a mockery of marriage, instead it ensures your married life begins on a day that is full of moments which are perfect in their reflection of your unity.

In the past couples have mentioned the idea of a Disney theme, 40’s theme, Sci Fi theme and Black and White theme to name but a few.  My belief is that your imagination can flow freely; it is your day after all.  I’m open mind and happy to embrace your theme not only in the content of the ceremony but in the visual presentation as well, I can even be persuaded to dress up!champagne

A wedding day is about celebrating your love, commitment and friendship, it’s all about creating memories.  I am proud to write and deliver ceremonies for all couples who are in love;  gay, straight, transgender, old, young etc. all are treated with equal respect.

My wedding service includes the following:-

  • A free no obligation consultation
  • Unlimited communication to ensure all your questions are answered
  • Access to my collection of poems, readings and music suggestions
  • A unique, tailor made wedding ceremony created by me, just for you
  • Opportunity to include mini ceremonies e.g. handfasting, loving cup or unity candle 
  • Liberty to choose any religious, spiritual or cultural wedding traditions
  • A  commemorative wedding certificate


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